Films with feeling

I don’t really read film reviews as I’m not really interested in what they have to say. That’s because I like to watch films where I feel emotion and empathy for the characters - I like to be moved. Film reviews don’t really tell me any of that as they cater for the mainstream which is why I don’t really read them.

For example, a lot of my friends love action and superhero films and whilst they are loved by many people around the world I often find them boring, predictable and a waste of my time (sorry to be controversial!). It’s perhaps ironic that I absolutely loved Joker which got panned by a lot of fans and critics for itself being too boring. However I loved the fact that it eschewed big action sequences in favour of building a very deep emotional profile of the Joker which was interesting, moving and emotive. I guess you either love films like this or you don’t - at the end of the day everything is down to personal taste.

I used to keep a log of all the films I would watch and would give them a rating out of 5 stars. I gave the overwhelming majority of the films I watched 3 stars meaning that I thought they were “good” or even “really good” but these films, typically, didn’t move me. Take a film like The Shawshank Redemption, Schindler’s List or The Green Mile which move me every time I watch them - they all get 5 stars. Think of it this way, have you ever watched a film that moved you or made you cry and then gave it anything less than 4 or 5 stars? I seem to waste a lot of time on films that I wouldn’t give 4 or 5 stars to and wish there was a better way of getting suggestions for films that I will love every time.