Escape to a made-up place

For me, the best stories are the ones where I get emotionally connected to the characters. I know it’s a cliché but the Harry Potter 🧙books and films are great for this along with other epic tales such as The Lord of the Rings 💍 and The Pillars of the Earth 🏰(I think long stories help to build stronger bonds and feelings for characters).

I also can’t get enough of stories that feature an introvert as the main protagonist but there’s sadly not a lot of them. Amélie 🤫 is an obvious choice and I just adore The Station Agent 🚂 which is a massively under-the-radar film about friendship which always gives me the feels. If you’ve not seen it, seriously give it a watch if you want a heartwarming story, especially if you’re an introvert!

It’s fair to say that I feel sad and a bit mournful when I finish a good story where I have formed an emotional connection with the characters. At times like this it makes me think about creating my own fictional place that I can escape to. I’m not entirely sure what this made-up world would look like or what stories I would tell but I know it would have depth and detail and be full of characters to empathise, and enjoy spending time, with. Does anyone else ever feel like doing this to fill a void left by a particularly moving story that you’ve finished?