What it means to feel cosy

I love the feeling of cosiness whether it’s from reading a book, watching a film or experiencing it in real life. I often fantasise about escaping to an old house somewhere remote that has an open fire where I can be alone with my thoughts and can just switch off and relax and not have to worry about anything. The Gryffindor Common Room from the Harry Potter films is perhaps one of my all-time favourite fictional cosy retreats.

If I think about being cosy I often think about being warm, safe and comfortable and somewhere with an open fire. However, this got me thinking about what features the ultimate cosy place would have…

🏠 First and foremost it must be a place of safety and the stronger the better - sheltering in a 100 year old stone house will be more cosy than being in a tent.

⛈ It must provide shelter - especially when it’s horrible outside such as when it’s cold, wet, windy and stormy.

🌬 Being able to see or hear these outside elements like the sound of the howling wind or rain beating on a window adds to the effect of feeling cosy. I love lying in bed listening to the wind and rain.

🔥 There should be plenty of warmth and comfort. I think this is why I always think of open fires when I think about being cosy. Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice warm radiator but there’s something about a roaring fire that gives me the feels!

🍽 You should have everything you need in your place of shelter to not need to go outside such as having plenty of food and water. The less you need to worry, the more you can feel cosy. I’m terrible for stocking up on food but I know it’s because it makes me feel more cosy at home as I can get away with going out less.

🪵 A cosy place should have a natural feel about it which is perhaps why I always gravitate to thinking about old places made of wood and stone. This is far more warm and comforting than modern building with lots of concrete, metal and glass. Fire and candles create a much warmer atmosphere than harsh electronic lights which should be used sparingly.

🎶 It should be quiet, peaceful, relaxing and free of electronic music and other noises. There’s something about acoustic music (I’m thinking of something you might hear in a Tudor house) and people chatting that is quite comforting and lends support to the cosy feel. Sleeping animals also promote a relaxing, restful, safe and carefree environment.

🙋 Whilst I love being alone, knowing that there are other friendly and welcoming people nearby provides a source of support and security. Hearing people chatting nearby is quite comforting and lends support to the feeling of cosiness.

📏 I find that small spaces are cosier and more intimate than larger spaces - sheltering in an aircraft hangar wouldn’t be as cosy as sheltering in a small shed, for example.

I am very open to any suggestions anyone has for books, movies or games that create a strong feeling of cosiness. I plan to share some of my favourites in due course and I hope to find many more as part of this blogging adventure!